Mo’olele (Leaping Lizard) is a 42 foot Hawaiian double hull sailing canoe built in 1975 and refurbished in 1995 with a traditional “crab-claw” sail. Since her launching on Sept 20th, 1975, she has voyaged to the islands of Hawai’i, Lana’i, Moloka’i, Kaho’olawe and Oahu and has served a floating classroom for several decades. The ancestors of these islands had such a deep understanding and connection to their environment it allowed them to successfully navigate thousands of miles across the vast Pacific Ocean without the use of sextant or compass; through wayfinding and canoe technology.


The canoe, the art of indigenous navigation is priceless and must be preserved because of the important cultural knowledge that it teaches us about our relationship with our environment and how we can use the clues from it to find our direction. Cultures can be lost and have been lost. How do we ensure this living treasure of wayfinding is never forgotten? Let us engage each other through the practice of voyaging, once a week aboard Mo’olele, a traditional double-hulled sailing canoe. We need dedicated crew and escort vessels as we begin our training programs. The main focus of this program is to teach our children and community. Please come learn, teach, and be a part of living history.