Mo’okiha o Pi’ilani


Voyaging canoes are meant to be sailed, Mo’okiha o Pi’ilani has been waiting for that day to arrive. This 62 ft. double-hulled voyaging canoe will serve as a living classroom for the youth of Hawaii and community of Maui. For over 17 years Mo’okiha has been sitting in her hale staring at the kai awaiting the moment that she will finally touch the ocean. On July 11th, 2014, Mo’okiha was released into the ocean at Mala Ramp.  This canoe has been touched by many people in the community and it is now her turn to do what she was meant to do. Students on board the deep-sea voyaging canoe will have the chance to learn leadership values and cultural knowledge in a unique environment that is not bound  by walls. It is the Hui o Wa’a Kaulua’s mission to conduct model educational programs to excite and challenge the youth and their communities to learn, launchthemoorespect, and care for their natural and social environment. Through the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment stressed on the wa’a, Lahaina will only benefit from the people the canoe touches and her presence is a symbol that honors the rich maritime history of these islands. Mo’okiha o Pi’ilani is for our community and youth.