Crew Training

A Traditional Hawaiian System of Mentoring – Hui o Wa’a Kaulua is a traditional Hawaiian organization that serves the Maui community and operates on a system of mentoring. All are welcome to become part of the Hui and to volunteer for the work at hand. Please come and help us launch the canoe.


The first step in becoming a crew member is volunteering; attend a Keiki Crew Training workshop and assist the instructors. This powerful orientation to wayfinding, wa’a parts, Hawaiian sailing/paddling, land-sea-sky-people thinking, and Hawaiian values is basic learning for all Hui members. After learning the basics of wayfinding, you may be asked to participate in keiki workshops as an instructor.

Becoming a crewmember for the wa’a means that you will be assuming risks with a dedicated group of sailors who must depend on each other in good weather and storms. Our system of mentosoakingthehauring allows us to carefully choose crew members that perform well together.

From time to time our captains and navigators will conduct advanced adult crew training for select volunteers who have demonstrated consistent behavior and character that is compatible with our current crewmembers. During adult training, crew candidates will be mentored by seasoned crewmembers to learn tasks and protocol practiced on long voyages.

Because quarters on board the wa’a are very restricted, and voyages can last many weeks, crew mentoring and qualification includes careful assessment of the candidate’s behavior under stress, problem-solving skills, physical ability to perform tasks, waterman skills, general amiability and observed strength of character, as determined by our seasoned captains, navigators and Hui elders.

Please join the process and volunteer!